BTA Additives - Add Innovation
BTA Additives - Add Innovation
BTA Additives - Add Innovation


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At the Agro division​ we offer additives for animal nutrition that give results for your product, production process and also in biosafety.

At the Industrial Division we offer technologies for cleaning environments, equipment and utensils in the food industry and also for disinfecting water treatment plants.

About Us

Chemistry to add innovation in the industry.


Welcome to the BTA’s innovative world, which makes industries operate more efficiently. We have not only products that promote excellent gains, but also prepared and qualified professionals who daily seek to present the best result and go beyond the needs of our customers.

30% Of the products and solutions have been launched in the last two years.
120% Of growth in the number of employees in the last three years.
25% Of all profits is reinvested in Research and Development.

Technical Visit

Request a visit of our team and find out how we can help your industry innovate.
Request a visit of our team and find out how we can help your industry innovate.
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