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BTA Additives - Add Innovation
BTA Additives - Add Innovation


Designed to meet the biggest challenges of feed mills, Bio-Pellet line is a great tool to improve the quality of the feed produced and to ensure microbiological protection for the animals. Promoting efficiency at a low inclusion, less than 0.15%, the additive ensures improvements in the process without taking valuable formula space, making the formulation more flexible to the needs of the factory.

Its blend of active ingredients can be used to treat the feed for several animal species and acts on two different fronts:



Bio-Pellet acts in reducing the microbiological load of feed through proven action against bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

The effect of its active ingredients reduces the count of microorganisms present at the time of application and promotes a shock effect on the treated product. Its residual action also ensures the safety of the feed throughout the storage period until supplied to the animals.

The application of Bio-Pellet allows the production of a feed with a higher moisture, within safe levels, without abrupt variation in the AW values. This is made possible due to the retention of moisture within the starch molecules, preventing the microorganisms from using the water.



Through its surfactant components Bio-Pellet also improves the production process, by surfacting the water and enhancing the gelatinization of the starch present in the diet.


  • Facilitates the pelletizing and extrusion processes, increasing the pellet machine's productivity, reducing downtime;
  • Improvements in the physical quality of the feed, such as PDI increase and reduction of fines;
  • Increase in the mass temperature to be pelletized, without causing blockage;
  • Reliable maintenance of feed moisture and water activity values;
  • Reduction of electrical consumption per ton of feed produced.


Bio-Pellet combines higher mass temperature and humidity with improved fluidity of the product through the machine. The sum of these factors enables the management of the production plant to increase productivity or reduce the energy cost per ton of feed.


  • Pelleted, extruded and expanded feed;
  • Addition in the conditioner (extruded feed);
  • Addition in the mixer (other diets).

Interested? Learn more with our technical team.

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