BTA Additives - Add Innovation
BTA Additives - Add Innovation
BTA Additives - Add Innovation

Standards of excellence

Our goals are in line with our proposal to add value to the market.

Our Mission

To be recognized as an innovative company that meets the needs of its customers through quality products and services.

Our Vision

Produce and supply products and services with recognized quality at a value perceived by the customer.

Environmental Responsibility

Our environmental policy has the main objective of preserving the environment in which we live, in order to save all the elements inserted in it: earth, water, air and mainly living beings.

Above all, we seek to minimize the generation of waste during all stages of our process, thus promoting the mitigation of environmental impacts. In this way, we contribute to an increasingly clean process, which directly influences the quality of life of all people involved.

See our full environmental responsibility policy:


Good Manufacturing Practice Certification (BPF)

We value the quality and integrity of our products and processes.

This seal is an important tool of quality to obtain adequate levels of process safety.

Good practices are applied from reception to product dispatch, covering the most diverse aspects of the industry, ranging from the quality of the raw material and ingredients, including product specification, selection of suppliers, and much more.

You can see all this quality in our products.

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